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              Thank you from the Staff at the Lumberton Flower Shop




Great place and great prices.  I've used them twice already and they are very professional and quick with the orders.

Jerry Sevin

Sevierville, Tennessee

March 23, 2022

Recently my dad passed away and The Lumberton Flower Shop did a Beautiful casket cover of flowers & a matching easel spray that were fall colors.  They were pieces of Art!  The funeral home was in Buna and everyone wanted to know what shop did them!!!  There were many plants, and other pieces brought from the Lumberton Flower Shop and all were very nice!! Thank you again for the Excellent floral arrangements you do.

Alice Roy

Lumberton, Texas


 I've used your services quite a few times in the past and I WILL not shop anywhere else for flowers. You guys truly are the best!

 Lance Smith



  Linda, I just wanted to extend a Thank you to you and your staff for acting so quickly and politely making sure my daughter Michelle had a special birthday delivery.  I will definitely call your company next time I need flowers in that area.  I was Very impressed. 

Thank you so much!

Sheri Palmucci

Magnolia, Arkansas


I was very pleased with all the beautiful flowers, plants y'all assembled for my moms funeral. They were all remarkable.. !!

Thank you,

Donna Hobbs

Warren, Texas


I just wanted to thank the Lumberton Flower Shop for the most Beautiful arrangements I have ever seen for my husband's funeral.  I was very pleased with everything I received from your shop.


Janet Barker

Lumberton, Texas




Mrs. Linda & her staff went way beyond what was necessary just to make sure that the flowers for our important event were Spectacular!

Thank you!

Wendy Shipp Trahan 

 Lumberton, Texas



I love this place!! They are so helpful everytime I visit and never fail in leading me down the right path for home decor. I am also a faithful fan of the Circle E club that they offer. Keep up the fantastic work, ladies.

Jo Ann Williams-Warren, TX



 This place is awesome! You can pretty much get anything you want and need here. Anything from baby gifts to fresh flower arrangements. I love it all the more since the owner, Linda Flowers, is my Mother! Amber & Nelain are very helpful and as sweet as they can be!

Nikki Tannehill-Silsbee, TX



 The Lumberton Flower Shop has been great to work with. They treat me with respect and honesty. They listen to what I want and I've always been happy with the fresh flowers

Sherry Caliva-Houston, TX



You are very helpful in finding just what you need. I have been very satisfied in shopping with you.

Ouida Tannehill-Silsbee, TX



 I would like to recommend Lumberton Flower Shop to all my family and friends, they are down home friendly and just nice people. They have worked for me on several projects always with great results.

 Brenda Cooksey-Lumberton, TX



I had flowers delivered and they were done instantly. They were sent to a business and people walked in all day commenting on how good they smelled.  The bouquet was large and everyone saw it and loved it.  It really brightened the day.  They have excellant service and a lot of good merchandise, including candles and scented oils. 

 Bryce Alden-Lumberton, TX



 I just want to say that Lumberton Flower Shop is the best florist in town...Not only do they treat you with respect but they stand behind their work.  If you need beautiful flowers or other gifts please stop by or call because she will see that you are well satisfied.

K. Smith - Evadale, TX